How to Check SSC Result 2018 by SMS?

How to Check SSC Result 2018 by SMS?! The Secondary student under primary education board will get their Result by SMS easily.  In before, we have described details about SSC Result 2018 fast checking system. But, in this article, we going to describe the SSC Result Publish Date, Mobile SMS Result Check system, Check Online, Fast Checking System, Charge, and Online Result with Market. So, don’t waste your Valuable time. We hope after a few minutes, you will gain complete concept about your Result Check system and Finally get your Result early.

SSC Result 2018 by Mobile SMS:

If you are here to check your SSC Result 2018 by Mobile SMS, this post is for you. Just go to the Mobile Message option and then type the below Information:
SSC <space> Board<space> SSC Roll <space> 2018
Example: SSC DHA 345234 2018
Here, DHA is Dhaka Board Short code, 345234 is SSC Roll Number and 2018 SSC Passing Year. While you will try to check Your Dhaka Board SSC Result 2018, Just replace your Roll Number on the Example method. Then, send the message to 16222 after publishing the Result officially. After sending the Message, you will be charged 2.44 TK from your Account directly and the get your Result.

Mobile SMS Rules of SSC Result 2018: 

  • SSC Result Check SMS Charge is 2 TK. 
  • Any Number can send the message. 
  • Users must send the message correctly. 
  • You must need to send the message after publishing the Result. 
  • You will receive reply message very soon.

SSC Result 2018 check Online:

If you want to check your SSC Result 2018 Online, You need to visit Directorate of Secondary Education official Website or official Result check portal directly. Then, you need to follow the below steps: 
  1. Select SSC From Examination 
  2. Select the passing year 2018 
  3. Select Your Board Name 
  4. Select Your SSC Registetion  
  5. Type your PSC Roll Number
  6. Type Math Answer (Example: 7+5=12) 
  7. Click submit button.
Then you will get your result with Marksheet. This system is for these users who have an Internet Device like Smartphone or Laptop/Desktop. If you don't have any Internet device, you can check your SSC Result by Mobile SMS. Read details about SSC Mobile SMS system from the below.

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